I cook and eat, therefore I am

Well, this is it. I’ve taken the leap. Hello blogosphere. Are you hungry? I am. And I’m here to help you cook and eat better, hence the name. I think good food is a right, not a luxury. It’s not about class or education or secrets. The better we eat, the better we are. And I want to steer people to better food, whether by sharing a kitchen tip or pointing out a fab sandwich shop. I write cookbooks, teach cooking classes, review restaurants, develop recipes, speak on panels, lecture to college students, help run a food organization, encourage people to pay attention to and think about food, and now blog all to do my part to improve the quality of food we consume. It doesn’t take a lot of effort or a lot of money to eat better. And there’s nothing more satisfying, more uplifting, more fun than putting something delicious in your mouth.

I think taste is often conspicuously absent from the conversation about food and if I can accomplish only one thing with this blog it will be to reestablish the link between taste and good food. I don’t care how organic or hormone free your chicken is, if it doesn’t taste good, you’ve done something wrong. Start from the perspective of pursuing the best tasting food and I believe our society will make decisions that are not only good to eat, but good for us and the planet. That’s where I’m coming from. Where I’m going, I’m not quite sure. But come with me for the journey and I’m sure we’ll eat well.


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4 responses to “I cook and eat, therefore I am

  1. Allison

    I am so excited about this!

  2. CherylandMark

    Yippee! I’m putting you on my bookmark bar. Perhaps you need to plan a Maine food safari to be documented via blog?

  3. Jenn

    I look forward to reading… and learning!

  4. Too true dear mitchell!! as nutritionist i deeply believe that taste can leave toward the right choice of the right food!!

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