Why Didn’t I Think of this Sooner? My Own Office Fridge

My new fridge in its new home, my office.

Two days ago I had a brainstorm while trying to figure out the logistics of buying fish at the Union Square Greenmaket in the morning on my way to work and keeping it chilled through the evening when I got home from my tai chi class around 9:15 pm. I realized I could buy my own fridge for my office exclusively for the purpose of preserving my greenmarket purchases.

My own fridge would alleviate the guilt I felt for occupying precious, chilly real estate with my egg cartons and yogurt quarts in our tiny office fridge, which is intended for everyone else’s lunch. Besides, the constant opening and closing of the office-fridge door isn’t what the fish doctor ordered.

So, early yesterday morning, unable to sleep for a whir of work details racing through my mind, I logged on to amazon.com and ordered the lovely little 2.7 cubic foot, black Haier fridge pictured above. It was on sale for $93, a small price to pay to preserve what will certainly be my near daily $50-plus greenmarket purchases now that the harvest has begun. Too cheap to rush it, though, I chose free super saver shipping from amazon. The fridge arrived today. And doesn’t it look like it was meant to be, nestled there between my lateral file cabinet and my shredder? If only I knew to expect it so soon, I wouldn’t have had to run home from the market this morning to put my Fazio Farm duck in the fridge before I went to work. I can’t wait to fill it up first thing Monday morning!

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